Mermaids Whiskey And Angels

Words & Music by Phil DeCicco

ISRC# US-Z9E 18 00032          BMI Work# 028794441

 Verse 1:

 When I was a much younger man I sailed the seven seas.

And the only thing that helped me there was my taste for scotch whiskey.

It burned like hell as it made way but it helped me find my way

to forget my sailing from my love on that sorry rainy day.

 Verse 2:

Looking through the fog one night at about a quarter to three.

I saw a sight I won’t forget a miracle of the sea.

Part fish part girl with eyes of green swimming through the blue.

She reminded me of days gone by.  She reminded me of you.


Mermaids, whiskey and angels will never let me forget

The pretty young girl I left behind my single biggest regret

I loved he so I even proposed but in the end I got cold feet

The very next day I set sail with the south bound departing fleet.

Mermaids, whiskey and angels someday I hope to return

Until that time let the angels sing, the mermaids swim and the whiskey continue to burn.

 Verse 3:

When I’m alone standing on deck I hear the angels above

They sing of times when she was near, when we were both in love.

The sent the mermaids swimming towards me looking like her back then.

I needed one more shot of scotch to erase those memories again.


I know that I was wrong. I know she was the one

But in the end I know I’ll lie with the mermaids below  –   oh   oh    oh   oh    oh         oh     oh      oh



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