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Phil DeCicco

Recording Artist, Songwriter and Author!

Welcome to my world! My Name is Phil DeCicco, I am a songwriter, recording artist and author. I began writing my own music at around the age of 13 and am now at 70, a senior in the field of Rock & Roll. I started playing guitar at 12 or 13 and played in numerous cover bands including The Delques, Shapes of Sound, The Coming Generation and The Back Door Blues Band, throughout my teens and early twenties.


My self-recorded Albums in chronological order are:

  1. Finally!
  2. Friendship Road 
  3. Drawn In,
  4. Keeping It Simple,
  5. Phil-osophy,
  6. What's Your Story?,
  7. Crystal Imagination,
  8. Noche Blue,
  9. Wet Paint,
  10. Phil-Harmonic,
  11. Pebble & Center,
  12. Seasons,
  13. Lucky 13,
  14. Shadows,
  15. Friends,
  16. Near The Window,
  17. Good Stuff,
  18. Philagree,
  19. Phil-lantropy,
  20. Milestone 200,
  21. Visions,
  22. Joy-Phil,  
  23. UP,
  24. Stage Left,
  25. 7-21-51=67,
  26. Mermaids Whiskey & Angels,  
  27. Willow,
  28. Phire,
  29. Gold Philed,
  30. Phil-Er-Up,
  31. Nice,
  32. Rocks
  33. Orpheus, 
  34. DawnTo Dusk,
  35. Glasses
  36. 360 Songs To Nowhere
  37. Phil-let Mi-Song
  38. One's A Crowd



I have started putting some of my music to You Tube Videos. These videos are a series of videos & still shots strung together in an attempt to match visuals to the mood of the song. Please check them out by selecting the Video tab above on this web site. 


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In addition to my music I have also written a book and am working on a second. The title of my book is "Music In My Head".  My second book will be titled "Diamonds And Dirt" and both can be categorized as being horror/paranormal genre. 


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