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Phil DeCicco - Recording Artist, Singer/Songer Writer & Author

Phil DeCicco, a songwriter, recording artist and author was born in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn NY, raised in Richmond Hill, Queens and now resides in Levittown on N.Y.'s Long Island.

Phil started playing guitar at 13, the year he started at Christ The King High School in Middle Village Queens. He began writing his own music at around the age of 14 and now is considered a senior in the field of Pop and Rock & Roll and Adult Contemporary.  He started his first band shortly after he learned enough on Guitar to sound like he sort of knew what he was doing. Since then he started or played in numerous cover bands including The Delques, Shapes of Sound, The Coming Generation and The Back Door Blues Band, all throughout his teens.

Phil attended St. John's University majoring in Psychology with a minor in Business. After marrying his wife Patricia, he drifted away from the music scene and went corporate. Phil is married for 47 years and he worked for the same company for over 32 years. He ended his corporate career at a major northeast energy company as a Human Resources Director.

He underwent open-heart surgery at the age of 49 and at that point realized that should he have died, his music would have died with him. As soon as he recovered from the surgery, Phil established a digital recording studio in his backyard shed and called it 'Shedd Studios'. He began to record all of the songs he had written, playing all of the instruments and doing all of the vocals. Though he never really planned to be a vocalist, always having a designated lead singer in all of the bands he played in, without one now to do the vocals, he had to do the singing and without a band to back him up, he had to perform all of the music as well. The instruments and vocals on each of his songs are all layered, that is, recorded one track at a time and blended at the end to create a full mix.

Having recorded those songs from his teen years Phil began writing again. To date he has recorded 29 CDs, a total of 290 songs. He also wrote 2 songs for a young singer/dancer, Kaylie Renee Smith. In Phil's words, "Keep a look out for her I think she is special" was  the reason he gave for wanting to write them. All of his  songs were all recorded at his digital studio, Shedd Studios, in Levittown, N.Y. The 29 layered CDs are in chronological order: Finally!, Friendship Road, Drawn In, Keeping It Simple, Phil-osophy, What's Your Story?, Crystal Imagination, Noche Blue, Wet Paint, Phil-Harmonic, Pebble & Center, Seasons, Lucky 13, Shadows, Friends, Near The Window, Good Stuff, Philagree, Phil-antrophy, Milestone 200, Visions, Joy-Phil, UP, Stage Left, 7-21-51=67, Mermaids Whiskey & Angels, Willow, Phire, Gold Philed, Phil-Er-Up which recently dropped March 1st, 2020 and Nice, my newest CD available now!


 Phil says his adult contemporary sound is a combination of Retro-Rock and Pop with present day influences, it is Classic Rock, Pop/Rock, Indie, Blues and Country with touches of Dance and Jazz. He recalls that his earliest influences were Elvis & The Everly Brothers. However, The Beatles were his biggest influence followed by the entire 1960's British Invasion which became the model he fashioned himself after, then and now. Some current influences include Bon Jovi, Maroon 5, Matchbox 20, The Fray and Keith Urban. Phil has said his music reflects his  inner thoughts, desires and feelings and in short is what he feels. He said "it reflects all that I have experienced throughout my life. It is the sound track of my life."




Once his creative juices started flowing again he was unable to contain them. As a teenager, Phil dabbled in writing short stories usually in the macabre genre, resulting in the writing of a full length novel titled 'Music In My Head"  currently available on line and in book stores via special order.






A second novel, Diamonds And Dirt, is currently in progress.