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My Friend Joe 

Words & Music by Phil DeCicco 

ISRC# US-Z9E 20 00010         BMI Work# 30691046 

Verse 1: 

Earlier this week a guy came up to me and asked me if I knew a girl named Sue.  He 

Said she had red hair and stood about six foot three with eyes the perfect shade of pale blue.  To Me she sounded cool. An Amazon through and through and on her are she wore a rare tattoo.  I  recognized that design.  It was made for a friend of mine.  That’s when I realized Joe just might be Sue. 


My friend Joe, he changed his name to Sue. He changed his name and a bit more but what else could he do?  My friend Joe was always there for me but he changed his hair and the clothes he wears for what was meant to be. My friend Joe I mean Sue, knew that he was different through and through. My friend Joe, I mean Sue. 

Verse 2: 

How was I to know this girl was my friend Joe, a guy I knew for several years or so. Joe grew his short hair out and changed its color no doubt and now instead of Joe he was Sue.  How little did I know of the crisis that did grow and the secrets that he kept so long ago. A boy at birth he was but the girl inside he does and I suppose he knew twas from above. 

Repeat Chorus:


He always liked the finer things like bracelets and all kinds of rings but never ever let me know the turmoil he would undergo.  Joe, I mean Sue knew he was different through and through.  My friend Joe, I mean Sue 

Repeat Chorus:     


My friend Joe, I mean Sue.  My friend Joe, I mean Sue.